Online Motor Platform : User Guide

Log on to Takaful IKHLAS at To renew your Motor Takaful click the <strong>Motor</strong> icon.
You will see all products for Motor Takaful at Click the <strong>Get Quote Now</strong> button located on the IKHLAS Comprehensive Private Car Takaful box.
To start with your renewal process, you will be redirected to the landing page. There are four simple steps for the renewal process; <br>

1.	Get Quote <strong>-></strong> Vehicle Details | Add On: Additional Coverage<br>
2.	Apply <strong>-></strong> Vehicle Features | Participant Details |Driver Details<br>
3.	Payment <strong>-></strong> Aqad/Agreement | Mode of Payment<br>
4.	Completed <strong>-></strong> Acknowledgement Page | Email Notification<br>
For existing Takaful IKHLAS customers, the system will request a password for verification purposes.
Follow the instruction on the screen to complete the code.<br> Once completed, click <strong>Proceed</strong>. <br> This step will allow Takaful IKHLAS to show all existing information related to your previous years' certificate on the upcoming screens. <br><br>
<em>*If you choose not to complete the code, proceed to click the <strong>New Customer</strong> button. By clicking on the <strong>New Customer</strong> button, no existing information will be shared to you during the renewal process.<em>
You will be directed to the Vehicle Details screen, please make sure all of the information displayed on the screen are correct. <br> Click <strong>Next</strong> to proceed.
On the next screen, you will see Add On:Additional Coverage screen. You may add any of the additional coverage as listed on the screen.
Click <strong>Calculate</strong> for each time you have made any changes to get the latest price displayed on the right column.
The latest price will be updated in <strong>My Quotation</strong> column. Click <strong>Print</strong> to view the quotation.
Quotation will be displayed in a pop-up screen. This screen will allow you to save and print the quotation.<br><br>
<em>*Please ensure the pop-up blocker is disabled.</em>
Close the quotation screen and click <strong>Apply</strong> or <strong>Apply Now</strong> to proceed.
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